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The World's #1 Cloud Business Software Suite
One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM, and ecommerce for more than 40,000 organisations.

One Integrated Application to Manage Your Entire Distribution Business

Built-in support for industry-specific dashboards. 
Real-time visibility throughout your entire organisation, from sales to operations to invoicing. 

One complete solution eliminating integration hassles and disparate point solutions. 


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Amazon is revolutionising the distribution, manufacturing and retail industries.

Stay informed and ready to act in the face of Amazon.


As the world's #1 cloud business software provider, NetSuite helps thousands of growing food and beverage companies streamline and run their entire business in the cloud.

In the face of this disruption, companies need to stay informed and prepared to act to stay competitive—whether that means partnering with, or competing against, the giant.

This free kit includes:

An Amazon Infographic
• 8 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Amazon (Did you know more than 50% of product searches start on Amazon?)

Surviving the Amazon Effect Report
• Manufacturers and distributors have been profoundly impacted by “The Amazon Effect.” To stay competitive, product companies must differentiate and optimize. Read this report to understand ways to stay competitive in the Age of Amazon.

An Amazon Business Infographic
• 8 Must-Know Facts and Stats About Amazon Business, Amazon’s B2B platform (Did you know 70% of distributors view Amazon Business as a threat?)

Your Amazon Business Playbook
• Download this report to understand the threats that Amazon poses, the rise of Amazon Business and recommendations on how to remain competitive and relevant in the face of Amazon.

“Amazon and other innovators continue to set new heights for customer expectations. Whether small or large, businesses can thrive in this competitive environment, provided they relentlessly differentiate and optimise.” Oracle NetSuite

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